WTS Wireless - Kenwood Analog Products

Benefiting from over 30 years of expertise in radio and audio technologies, Kenwood is able to deliver clear voice quality, even in the noisiest of environments, while its superior analog technology provides clear cutting edge audio quality even the worst environments. And Kenwood has an advantage over rival digital systems with it's built-in DSP digital processing technology. No wonder Kenwood has proved so popular: there are now over one million devices in use around the world. What is more, the Kenwood supports open standards supported by most other leading vendors. This means that Kenwood systems are compatible with other companies’ products that conform to the mandatory features and standard optional features specified by  Kenwood.

With all of these advantages to offer, Kenwood has proved itself to be one of the most versatile systems available, capable of satisfying the needs of various fields and industries. But for KENWOOD progress never stops, and it has now developed NEXEDGE® Generation 2 (Gen2). Gen2 offers a quantum leap in network size: the maximum number of sites than can be connected has increased from 48 to 1,000, representing virtually unlimited scalability. At the same time, it provides full compatibility with current equipment. For customers looking to create large-scale digital trunked networks, NEXEDGE® Gen2 has the features, capabilities and performance to satisfy all their requirements.

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