Wide Area Solutions


As a leading KENWOOD Communications partner, our NEXEDGE-based CrewConnect system is the largest commercially-available fully-networked digital Push-to-Talk communications infrastructure in Western Canada, providing a cost-effective platform for unparalleled area coverage, efficiency, security, and versatility.

If your operations demand instant connections across a diverse area, CrewConnect is the solution. CrewConnect is a reliable wide-area network, offering integrated voice and data coverage with seamless roaming across Southwestern British Columbia – including eastern Vancouver Island and across the US border to south of Tacoma WA, with no need to switch channels throughout the coverage area.

Powered by Kenwood’s enhanced NEXEDGE Digital technology, CrewConnect provides huge operational efficiencies for teams moving across diverse geographic areas, linking fleets and command centres across the region. WTS is proud to be a founding partner of CrewConnect in British Columbia.

We also offer a National Push-to-Talk digital network for those who require two-way communications throughout Canada.

Check out the coverage maps for our Southwestern British Columbia network and our National network.